Wellington and District Team is linked to a huge parish in the Luapula Diocese called Mwenda.  This parish has five congregations over an area bigger than Somerset.  We have helped Mwenda in the past by vising them to understand what they need and making contact with the congregations and clergy.  After this we provided 12 sewing machines for local women to use and raised funds to build a priest’s house.  The relationship then stalled for a while due to communication problems and changing staff both here and in Mwenda.

Following a bush fire in November 2016 and the destruction of St Johns church Mwenda, the local people took the initiative and looked to their own resources to rebuild the church, which they did within one month.

As the distances between the congregations is so vast, a priest’s house was seen as essential.  Again the local people are getting stuck in, making their own bricks and building it themselves.

Making Bricks

Keeping them dry

The Diocese of Bath and Wells have sent money for the essentials that can’t be built by local people such as roofing materials, windows and doors.

A key driver in the rejuvenation of the project is the use of an app called “WhatsApp”.  Using this on a smartphone, texts and pictures can be sent free between Mwenda and Wellington.  This has enabled the key personnel to build relationships further - praying for each other and exchanging parish and family events.