Supporting Community

Our Learning Community

The Wellington Team of churches have developed a Learning Community to support spiritually maturing lay leaders in the many ministries God is calling them to explore. Please contact us to find out more or to explore your vocation with us.

The metaphor of a tree is used to visualise the elements of our learning community.

The Roots represent the twelve ancient Christian practices that support us.
Growing: prayer, Bible study, sabbath keeping and worship
Belonging: community, giving financially, fellowship and food
Sharing: faith sharing, generosity, service and conservation

The trunk is the enabling structures established across the 14 churches to support lay leaders in mission including governance, financial support, training, admin support, partnerships, vocational discernment, line management and inspiring theology. 

The branches represent an explicit and repeated exercise of theological reflection by the gathered community and individuals through supervision and ongoing reflective practice to help us to listen to God and to learn through action. 

And the leaves and fruit are ‘maturing disciples involved in mission’ in five overarching missional teams.

For more information contact Rev Selina Garner