Our People

Rev Martin Beaumont
Rev Martin Beaumont is an associate priest who looks after Ashbrittle, Greenham, Bathealton, Kittisford, Stawley and Rockwell Green
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June Best
Our link with Mwenda
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Margaret Bowen
Margaret was christened, confirmed and married in St Johns Parish Church and so was pleased to return to her roots in Wellington in 2017 on her husband’s retirement.
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Revd Canon Stephen Bowen
Revd Canon Stephen Bowen supports our local churches
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Diane Donohue
Diane is our chaplain for the deaf
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Judith Dufour
Judith Dufour is our Pastoral Chaplain she offers pastoral care to the church community from St John’s Church, Wellington
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Rev Alan Ellacott
Alan looks after Bradford-on-Tone, Langford Budville, Nynehead, Runnington, West Buckland, Sampford Arundel and Thorne St Margaret
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Rev Richard Kelley
Richard is a Pioneer Curate for the Benefice.
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Rev Martin Kirkbride
Rev Martin Kirkbride
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Stephanie Packham
Our Chaplain for the Elderly
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Helena Power
Helena Power was commissioned as school chaplain in 2018
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Tracey Richbell
Churchwarden, Lay Worship Assistant and Lay Village Chaplain for West Buckland
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Christine Winhall
Team and Mission Administrator, was commissioned in 2019 Alongside this role Christine is also churchwarden for St John the Baptist church
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John Young
A local man, John is the Director of Music for St John’s Parish Church, and his interests and activities also spill across the benefice and beyond.
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