The churches of

St John the Baptist Wellington

and St Mary the Virgin West Buckland

Diocese of Bath and Wells

Andrew Maddocks

Snapshot of Andrew Maddocks
Do you have a favourite charity? Cathedral Music Trust. Supporting our church music heritage for
the future.
Glass half full or empty? Always half full, though sometimes I don’t know why!
What cheers you up? The comic greats: Morecombe and Wise, Tony Hancock, The Goon Show ,
Dad’s Army – otherwise, a gin and tonic.
What character in the Gospels (other than Jesus) do you most relate to? Today, probably Thomas
the Apostle; tomorrow, probably Simon Peter
What is your most favourite breakfast food? Porridge and honey
Do you have a favourite book or literary genre? Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’.
What is your favourite hymn/prayer/Bible reading? ‘Glorious things of thee are spoken’ TO the
Abbot’s Leigh setting by Cyril Taylor.
Who is your hero? Admiral Horatio Nelson, master tactician in the age of sailing ship warfare with a
colourful personal life
Of your eight Desert Island records which is the one that you must take? J.S. Bach’s St. Matthew’s
Passion. For me, it is the very highest pinnacle of spiritual, musical and, yes, theatrical drama.

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