The growing younger team includes people with a passion for serving children, families and young people.
We offer christenings in all our churches and love to support families as they celebrate the birth of a child.
There are eleven schools in our benefice of which three are church of England primary schools.

St John’s Primary School
Rockwell Green Primary school
Langford Budville Primary school

We have a direct responsibility to support these schools with governance, education and care for the staff, children and families. In addition we support the other schools in all our parishes in all sorts of ways.

Members of our churches are involved in supporting schools, families and young people through

  • School Chaplaincy
  • Regular assemblies and an Open the Book Ministry Team
  • School services, lessons and celebrations in our church buildings
  • Religious education, Godly Play and ethos development
  • Pastoral care
  • Governance
  • Shared community events, partnerships and projects
  • Pupil chaplaincy programme
  • Enabling intergenerational links with the elderly in our communities
  • Running Christmas, Easter and outdoor experiences to live and tell the Christian story
  • Offering after school clubs
  • Resourcing music and creative arts
  • Resources for children’s ministry are available from St Jhon’s church: craft materials, puppets, Godly Play, toys and books
  • Hosting a 20’s – 30’s group
  • Supporting christening families

We would love to develop these ministries and our work with young families in the coming year.
If you are interested in praying for this team or finding out how you can be involved, please contact

Helena Power School Chaplaincy
Jackie Buttrick Open the Book
Rev Selina Garner